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Ty Lawson is OUT with a case of the Taco Tuesdays

Bleacher Report - The Sacramento Kings may be without point guard Ty Lawson for Wednesday's 10:30 p.m. home game against the Brooklyn Nets, possibly because of a taco experience that went awry. 

Lawson took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to ask followers for a "bomb taco spot in Sacramento," a seemingly harmless request for somebody looking to celebrate the unofficial holiday "Taco Tuesday."

He may have left that establishment with more than a full stomach, however, as Kings sideline reporter Kayte Christensen tweeted an alert from the Kings on Wednesday afternoon announcing Lawson is questionable for that night's contest due to gastroenteritis. 

A stomach bug brought on by any cause is nothing to laugh about, but the Kings may want to consider providing home-cooked tacos each Tuesday for the remainder of the season.

Laugh out loud funny stuff here. Before we do a deep dive into gastroenteritis and the causes, I want to preface this by saying Taco Tuesday is sacred and deserves to be treated as such. 

Tuesday is the worst day of the week by far. Monday is supposed to suck so you trick yourself into thinking it went okay by the end of it, but on Tuesday's there is really nothing to look forward to except drowning the work week in margaritas and eating a TON of tacos. Taco Tuesday is the lone bright spot. 

So I don't blame Ty Lawson at all for his desire to pursue a new taco joint. That could be his thing. But here is where the story REALLY becomes a story, because he DEFINITELY got gastroenteritis from this taco adventure. 

You just don't attack random taco meat if you feel a slight twinge in your stomach. You must be feeling 110% to commit to taco Tuesday or you just know you made a huge mistake and ruined your week. He got sick from random taco meat. 

God bless social media.