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LaVar Ball Says His Family Could Create a Jordan-Esque Shoe Brand

(CBS - On Monday, the elder Ball spoke on ESPN’s “Morning Show” with Keyshawn, Jorge and LZ about Lonzo Ball’s preparation process for the NBA Draft this summer, UCLA and more. He said the family has created a marketing brand and distribution power similar to Nike’s Jordan Brand. He also insisted his son will be the first to be drafted with his own brand.

“They’re kicking in the door, but they’re shocked at what I’m telling them,” Ball said. “I said, ‘I’m not looking for no endorsement deal. I’m looking for a marketing and distribution deal.’ Branding. The only person doing that is [Michael] Jordan with Nike. That’s what we’re for. If Lonzo doesn’t sign with Adidas, Nike or Under Armour, guess what -- I’ll sign the Big Baller Brand. We already got our own brand. Triple Bs. Lonzo is going to be the first one drafted with his own brand. That don’t happen.”

Well, I mean, as his father he’s not going to announce to everyone how ugly his son’s shooting form is, (Sorry to everyone who thought they’d never have to witness Kevin Martin’s ‘fling shot’ ever again, but Ball’s form is identical), or how his son is only shooting 66% from the free throw line, but this guy is trying to cash in on his kid’s fame more than Lindsay Lohan’s mom.

Was this even the icing on the cake of his absurdness? He already said his son was a foregone conclusion to go no. 1 overall, and he said his son is going to have his own shoe brand even before he’s drafted (Let’s at least hope for their sake that they're not as gross as those 'Peak' shoes).

God bless LaVar, I have 100% faith in the Balls selling $3 billion worth of shoes in a year and surpassing Jordan Brand. Maybe if they offer their shoes at a bargain $19.99 like the Marbury shoes famously were, he could compete with the $150-$500 Jordan’s that fall apart the first month you have them.