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Mark Cuban is Too Smart to Believe Westbrook is Not the MVP

JT The Brick was first made aware of Mark Cuban when he was a salesman hammering the phones, and he was instantly aware of both the power that Cuban possesses and his intelligence in the world of business and sports. He is a smart man and has been for a long time.

Now, with news recently that Cuban believes Russell Westbrook is undeserving of the MVP award, JT goes back to that time when he first learned about Cuban and thinks about who that guy was. For someone knowledgable in so many realms, it is asinine to think that he can really mean what he is saying about the Thunder point guard. 

It boils down to this: Mark Cuban is too smart to really believe what he is saying about Westbrook. Having one of the greatest individual seasons of all-time, carrying his team single-handedly to the Western Conference playoffs, and averaging a triple-double should be enough, right?

JT The Brick gives a great take on this in the audio below. How could someone so smart say something so dumb? 

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