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Ty Lawson Tested Positive for Alcohol on Probation

Real GM - As part of his probation, Ty Lawson tested positive alcohol three times over the past seven months.

Lawson is on probation due to his 2015 drunk driving case in Denver.

Lawson had positives tests on Sept. 27, Sept. 29 and Feb. 7.

During media day on Sept. 26, Lawson told the media he vowed to move forward from his past issues.

Lawson is on a one-year deal with the Sacramento Kings.

Sad news out of Sacramento, as feel good story Ty Lawson (who many thought might have a revival with Boogie in Sac) now showing that he might not be able to handle life off the court.

After something as serious as a DUI, with a player who is looking to break back into the league and find a steady home, you would think these types of issues would not come up or would have been behind him by now. After seeing this most recent news, and knowing he is on a one year deal, we might have seen the end of Ty Lawson in the NBA