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Bob Knight has No Interest in Ever Returning to Indiana: "I Hope They're All Dead"

Bob Knight loves the fans in Indiana. 

But don't confuse his refusal to return to Assembly Hall and see the fans as any disdain towards those who supported his team through the years. There is a much bigger issue between Knight and Indiana that is keeping him away from where he once roamed the sidelines.

"I hope they're all dead."

The hierarchy in charge during Knight's time at Indiana never really saw eye to eye with the coach, and things got really bad at the end. When Knight moved on, he vowed never to look back. Now, after Dan Patrick mentions those at the top in Indiana, Knight says that the ones who are dead deserve it and the others might as well go. 

CONTEXT MATTERS, and before we take any quotes or isolated parts of this, check out the video above. If you want the full interview video, check it out right here.

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