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Bobby Knight Has Been a Horrible Person His Entire Life

“Bob Knight was not a good guy 30 years ago but small towns and smaller midsize cities don’t produce a lot of superstars, and when they do they put their arms around their Woody Hayeses, they put their arms around their Bobby Knights and they just defend them until the end.”

After wishing death upon his former employers at Indiana University on The Dan Patrick Show last week, Colin Cowherd isn’t surprised by Bob Knight’s venomous outburst, instead reminding everyone that this is the rotten personality that Knight has represented his entire life.

 “Throwing stuff at people, throwing chairs at refs, once threw in officer in Puerto Rico into a trash can,” Cowherd said. “Go back and look at Bob Knight’s quotes, go look at Bob Knight’s bullying – are you embarrassed state of Indiana that you defended him for 30 years?”

Cowherd believes the only people who relentlessly swore their allegiance to Knight’s intimidating presence as Indiana’s head coach were people who were carbon copies of Knight.

“The only people who supported Bob were extensions of Bob – old, sad, rigid, talked about the ‘good ole days’, liked it when kids had respect for elders, bragged about things that happened 20 years ago.”