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Iguodala Fined $10k for Inappropriate Racial Remarks

ESPN - Iguodala, one of the league's top sixth men, was asked whether he knew before Friday's game that Kerr would be resting him against the Spurs.

"Nope, no clue," he said. "I do what master say."

The comment drew a swift and angry response on social media, with some interpreting it as a shot at Kerr. Iguodala later clarified his remark to ESPN, saying it was in no way a shot directed at Kerr and that it was only an inside locker room joke.

"Me and Steve are cool," Iguodala told ESPN. "[People] can think what they want to think."

That was what happened over the weekend, but reports are now surfacing that the pair might be relaying a calm and normal presence to the media but actually hiding a serious issue. 

The team has fined Iguodala, here is the latest: