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Brazilian Soccer Goalie Signed After Killing ex-Girlfriend

Bruno Fernandes de Souza was signed by a Brazilian soccer club this week after finishing a mandatory 7 year prison sentence for some horrendous crimes. The goalkeeper was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend and feeding her dismembered body to wild dogs. After serving his 7 years, he is back into the Brazilian soccer federation in a wild and absurd story.

In America, we have seen our share of athlete criminal controversy. OJ Simpson, Aaron Hernandez, and many others have committed the worst of crimes (allegedly) while in the public forefront for their athletic ability. Despite how we may think our country is flawed, we would NEVER allow a player like this back.

Would we?

Clay Travis discusses the limits of redemption and is pretty sure the United States and it's professional sports leagues are much better than this. Listen below, and be sure to tune into Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis every weekday from 6-9 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.