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From Breaking Rims to Breaking Records, Meet Devontae Cacok of UNCW

When Devontae Cacok first arrived at UNC-Wilmington, he was there to make a statement. 

From American Sportsnet: Devontae Cacok’s initial workout at UNC Wilmington ended with a visit from the maintenance crew. Fueled by adrenaline and an aim to please, the young forward threw down enough backboard-rattling dunks to loosen the rim. Talk about a first impression.

“No layups,” Cacok said, chuckling at the memory from the summer of 2015. “I was just dunking the whole time. Just putting it down as hard as I could. Just trying to make a statement.”

Cacok carries on the same spirit, even if that version of him is barely recognizable today. The Georgia native has packed more than 30 pounds onto his 6-7 frame on his swift transformation into one of the Colonial Athletic Association’s premier big men.

The transformation spoken of in the article is all but complete now, as only two days after this article was released Cacok did this:

In a huge win, Cacok pulled down a conference record 24 rebounds. 24 REBOUNDS. IN A COLLEGE GAME! For those who follow the NCAA closely you will know how incredible this is. 

So Cacok will be a name to watch moving forward. Hitting the glass, hitting the rims, and so much more.