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Keon Johnson wants you to know He is Definitely 5'7"

Keon Johnson wants you to know that he is exactly 5 feet 7 inches tall. No more and no less. 

"And in case you were still wondering: it’s absolutely 5′ 7″ — no taller, no shorter. (I’m definitely not 5′ 4″)" - From Keon's piece in the Players Tribune

Johnson, the Winthrop point guard and conference player of the year, has had a breakout season and you will immediately notice him when you watch the game against Butler on Thursday. He has the ability to break out and dominate any game in which he is playing, and his quickness is practically unrivaled in all of college hoops.

Just ask Illinois.

This kid is exciting, and one of the best parts of March Madness is seeing players like Keon emerge as massive fan favorites for a lovable underdog. Let's see if they can make any noise this March.