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Notre Dame's Matt Farrell is the Leader of the Fighting Irish

The above video is Matt Farrell, Notre Dame point guard who is taking the NCAA by storm, being reunited with his brother earlier this season after deployment. 

Waterworks, everytime. 

But did you know, Farrell has been a leader for Notre Dame even during his time on the bench behind Jerian Grant and Demetrius Jackson, two NBA players who were ahead of Farrell when he arrived at Notre Dame.

Earlier this season against Virginia Tech, Farrell did this:

And when asked about whether he is deserving of the Most Improved Player award given by the NCAA Farrell added that he isn't sure he really improved all that much. From his time working out in his garage every day growing up all the way until he became a starter, he has been improving at a steady clip. Nothing changed this year except playing time.