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Mike Francesa Gives Worst NCAA Tournament Game Preview Ever

And boom goes the dynamite? 

Colin Cowherd deeply regrets not bringing Mike Francesa on The Herd Thursday, saying he let his viewers down who were extremely invested in some helpful hints upon a possible Maryland-Florida State Second Round Matchup.

Thank goodness this was radio, imagine being the guy or girl having to type closed captions for this segment on television? How does one accurately describe inaudible and helpless regret in writing? 

And where is Francesa's producer? When he was stumbling and stalling for 30 seconds Live on air couldn't someone of whispered into his earpiece that Maryland wasn't in the ACC anymore? Was his humming the code word for "Somebody F****** Help Me?!"

To shame Francesa even more, this was a segment earlier in the year when Francesa mockingly laughed into the phone to a submissive caller who mistakenly thought Rutgers was still in the Big East.