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The Pentagon Bans Employees from Watching the NCAA Tournament

(CBS NEWS) The Defense Department sent a notice to its workforce on Wednesday telling employees not to stream March Madness games on Pentagon computers, warning the department’s network could be overwhelmed.

Acknowledging the inevitability of workers tuning into the tournament at work, the JSP said “engineers will closely monitor bandwidth consumption and server availability to handle additional network strain as best as they can.”  

So, the Pentagon is just going to go with the honor system in hopes that their employees knock it off with trying to watch the final few minutes of the Creighton vs. Rhode Island game?

You’d think the Defense Department, whose annual budget is almost a half-trillion dollars could at least give the nerdy kid from the middle school down around the block 20 bucks to put up a firewall.

And I like the intro ‘March Madness is officially upon us’, like they’re some cool and hip sports fan who's been following Bubble Watch for weeks and can't wait to finally watch and see if their sleeper pick Wichita State can go on a run.

I’m shocked in the letter they didn’t include something about ‘a risk to national security’ or something insinuating that streaming the play-in games could be helping the terrorists win.