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Cinderella is Dead -- How 'Up-Transfers' are Ruining March Madness

Oregon has a player on their roster right now, Dylan Ennis, who has a younger brother in the NBA right now. He is 25 years old. Let's just start there.

Were you wondering why there is seemingly no 'Cinderella Team' in March Madness this season? There is actually a real reason for that, and it has a lot to do with Luke Hancock.

Remember the Louisville guard who was the most outstanding player at the Final Four for the Cardinals? He was originally a member of a George Mason team that made a huge run in March Madness before his transfer to Louisville. This is one of the first examples of an 'up-transfer', a trend that has killed Cinderella. Listen below to Jason McIntyre, who gives a eulogy for the beautiful bride of March.