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No One Wants Colin Kaepernick Because No One Thinks He's Good

“Does everyone have amnesia on Kaepernick? Now you’re all upset that he’s not getting these offers; folks he had a dream roster, with a dream staff, and a dream coach and a great running back in San Francisco.”

After Spike Lee’s Instagram post about the unjust manner in which NFL teams are viewing free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Colin Cowherd wonders why we’re turning something political into something that can be explained simply by common sense – Colin Kaepernick isn’t good.

“We’ve forgotten that Kaepernick at his best never developed as a pocket passer,” Cowherd said of the 29-year-old who’s thrown just 72 TDs in 69 career games. “When he’s bad, he’s atrocious, and when he’s good it’s because he’s running. If you aren’t good in the pocket you aren’t good."

The obvious elephant in the room comes down to Kaepernick’s staunch political beliefs that culminated in his public protests of the National Anthem, but Cowherd thinks his flaws between the lines were known long before that.

“The knee stuff happens and we all get political on it,” he said. “He wasn’t great before then, we were just all fooled because he was such a dynamic athlete. He was a bad pocket quarterback, he was throwing for 119 yards.”