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Fox Sports Radio or Oklahoma State? Doug Gottlieb Explains

So obviously it's been a crazy week here at Fox Sports Radio. On Wednesday morning, we announced that Doug Gottlieb would be bringing the renowned Doug Gottlieb Show to Fox Sports Radio and FS1 as a full-time member of our weekday lineup, taking over for the lovely Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox in the 3-6 pm est. time slot. 

Not 40 minutes later, a story "broke" that Gottlieb would be interviewing the very next day, Thursday, in Stillwater, OK for the Oklahoma State men's basketball head coaching job. We were super surprised and extremely upset.

We were just so angry that Doug had not told us about this. Furious. Hostile. So we decided to take away his show and have him prove his worth by assuming the role as secretary. Doug now sits outside on the sidewalk checking badges. 

Listen, obviously we understood that this is the dream job for Doug Gottlieb, and that's partially why he's going to be such an amazing addition to the team. We knew about this well before Wednesday morning. How lucky are we that someone who could possibly be respected enough within the realms of his own sport to coach at a high major program will be taking over a three-hour radio show on our network? That's like if Clay Travis was linked to the Tennessee job, literally the same thing (and before long probably a reality) and we won't be upset.

Do we want Doug to go to Oklahoma State? I hope he had toilet paper on his shoe when he walked into the interview but that's only because I selfishly want the chance to work with him and show him what our network can do. 

Would we be upset if he did take the job? Listen to the video above and tell me if you think getting upset with someone over a hometown love and passion is how you should operate in the world. This is not a he said/she said situation. These aren't conflicting reports.

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