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Would You Pay for Twitter?

Twitter is an integral part of the sports media world, and has changed the way people receive their information on a day-to-day basis. That much is not a surprise. 

What might come as a surprise to many of you who are not invested in the business and tech side of the industry is the fact that Twitter (as a business) is performing poorly and has stagnated to a point of serious concern. What is next? How will Twitter save the business?

What about paying for Twitter? Would you?

We know that most major sport-media members and their subsequent companies will fork over the cash, but what would you get as a premium user that isn't already provided to the common user? Would a regular joe be interested in paying a sum of money per month for a twitter account?

These are all important questions that Jason McIntyre brings up on The Big Lead Radio Show this weekend, and luckily he had some help in answering them. Darren Rovell joined Fox Sports Radio for this interesting bit of audio below.

Check it out, and be sure to tune into The Big Lead with Jason McIntyre every Saturday from 10-1 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.