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Lane Kiffin say FAU Video Intentional, Denies Joey Freshwater

Lane Kiffin is one of the most talked about names in all of college football due to his coaching ability, engaging personality, and all of the incredible (sometimes false) stories that surround him. From rumors of his dating life all the way down to his play call on third down, Lane Kiffin's name has been at the national forefront for the better part of ten years.

But just how much of it is true?

Lane joined Clay Travis today to discuss everything from Joey Freshwater to the Florida Atlantic Football Promotional video Kiffin claims was designed to be shared and go viral the way it did.

First, this audio dispels the rumors that Kiffin has ever used the actual name Joey Freshwater in his dating expeditions. Sorry, Clay.

What a great story.

Clay followed that up by providing Kiffin with a free marketing tip, explaining how to make the next video go viral and help the FAU football program.

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