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Fans who make Death Threats should be Prosecuted

Why is it acceptable to hide behind a keyboard or telephone and tell someone that you are planning on killing them the next time you see them? What do you think would happen if you walked to someone's house, knocked on their door, and said the same thing? That's right, you would be arrested and charged. 

It's not that hard to understand, really. People hiding behind keyboards and twitter profiles have basically grown to the point where they feel comfortable enough to say anything to famous people without fear of repercussion. That extends to the world of sports, as the Kentucky fans threatening John Higgins story has been sweeping the nation this week.

While constant, this epidemic needs to be ended with legal action. If you called John Higgins to threaten his life, you should be charged and prosecuted. Plain and simple.

Clay Travis, a lawyer and personality subject to threatening verbiage on a daily basis, talks about this growing issue and more in the audio below.