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Steph Curry does Carpool Karaoke with a Mouthguard and I'm Angry

James Corden is cool and Steph Curry is awesome.

There, let's make sure to get that out of the way.

The Carpool Karaoke segment was really funny at the start because it revealed some flaws and goofy characteristics of "larger-than-life" stars and allowed us to get closer to those we follow. After soooo many episodes and "OMG Check It Out -- Turns Out Adele Really CAN Sing!" headlines on twitter the sketch has delved into one of those things your friend always says "have you seen the latest blah blah blah on Carpool Karaoke" with a grin on their face and you just kick them right in the teeth.

That's why I feel comfortable enough taking a shot at Steph for the mouthguard thing. 

He's been on a streak of doing some cooooorny advertisements and gimmicky commercial stuff. I don't think you've managed to be surprised by that statement.

But the mouthguard bit is the worst of them all because it includes SPIT and that's just pretty disgusting. When he plays and keeps the mouthguard half out I just imagine there's some gross saliva in there or something because he's been running around competing at a high level and, ya know, science.

So bringing that OFF THE COURT now opens a whole new door that we just can't go down. 

Don't make me watch a guy gnaw on a spitty mouthguard during the game, but if you try to make me watch it while a guy is casually in the car....

No. Pleeeeeease no.