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Suspended Reds Prospect on Snapchat with Marijuana and Cocaine

TBL - Ian Kahaloa, a 19-year old pitching prospect for the Cincinnati Reds, was suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball earlier this week. Kahaloa tested positive for the second time for a “drug of abuse.” In March, two videos were posted to Twitter possibly showing Kahaloa on Snapchat with what appears to be marijuana and cocaine. (Videos below)

The Reds are aware of the videos and understandably concerned about Kahaloa. Via the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Reds player development director Jeff Graupe, who has known about the videos since they were made public, called them “alarming.” Kahaloa had already tested positive before the videos were posted, although it’s possible they were originally recorded before the right-hander was drug-tested.

“We’re obviously really concerned,” Graupe said. “We’re working to get Ian the help and assistance that we believe he needs to get his long-term future to a more stable place. We’re kind of putting the baseball on the backburner.”

This all coming above from The Big Lead, who wrote up an article recently about this story out of Reds prospect Ian Kahaloa. 

First of all, it's a sad story of a kid who is struggling to get his life in order and putting actions on snapchat without understanding the full circumstances as far as both his career and people like me who work on articles like these, go. He's going to make news for this even if he might think it's not going to get out to the public. People suck, your friends can stab you, and with so many people in the spotlight these days the odds of disloyal friends is higher.

Still your fault though, Ian. 

Hopefully he can learn about how severe these mistakes actually are to things like brand and reputation sooner rather than later. He's young enough to change his story, but right now it's headed to regret.

Be smarter, man. No one wants to see you fail.