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Penguins Fan Stabbed in the Head with Screwdriver

B/R - A Pittsburgh man who was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver Wednesday refused to be transported to the hospital until after the Penguins' playoff game concluded.

According to a police report obtained by Bryan Armen Graham of the Guardian, the 43-year-old owner of City of Steel Auto Detail in Pittsburgh was struck by a 25-year-old male with a screwdriver during a verbal altercation. The victim told police he did not want medical assistance at the scene and would drive himself to the hospital after the Penguins' matchup with the Columbus Blue Jackets ended.

Police said the man was bleeding from his scalp at the time of their arrival. He eventually sought treatment at UPMC Mercy after the Penguins' 3-1 win.

This is just more ammunition for Hockey fans who claim to be the toughest in all of sports. 

Just kidding, this is incredibly badass. 

Let's break down the dynamics of this situation for a second. A 25 year old kid was pissed at a 43 year old guy, they yelled at each other, the kid HAD a screwdriver in his possession, and then stabbed the guy in the head with it. The 43 year old then kept it quiet until after the game. Drove himself to the hospital after the game. No harm no foul.

Oh and the Penguins won?

This story is awesome. Playoff hockey is here.