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Best Of the Week: Fox Sports Radio with Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox

Poppinga: Christian McCaffrey should be #1 Overall Pick

As good of a running back as Ezekiel Elliott?

A better slot receiver than Tyler Lockett?

One of the most dynamic returners since Devin Hester?

Brady Poppinga not only believes that Christian McCaffrey is all three of those things listed above, but he also goes on to add "#1 Overall Pick" to the list later on in this audio below.

Check out why Brady thinks that the versatility and talent of the Stanford product should see him go first overall as the best player in this year's NFL Draft.

Sergio Garcia showed Belichick-like Composure

When the New England Patriots were down 19 points in the Super Bowl, Bill Belichick was able to maintain composure and use an analytical approach to orchestrate the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Instead of trying to pursue the 'home run ball' by throwing deep and risking turnover, the Patriots were able to keep their calm and produce just enough at every stage to keep themselves in the game.

Sergio Garcia showed Belichick-like composure in his approach to the 2017 Masters. 

Dan Beyer explains how 'taking his medicine' and succumbing to the occasional bad-but-not-catastrophic mark let Sergio Garcia hang around for long enough to make his dream a reality.

Now a Masters winner, Sergio Garcia showed the composure worthy of a champion.

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