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Best Of the Week: The Herd with Colin Cowherd

If Romo Was Allowed to Play for Dallas, Imagine Which Celebs Would Be Next?

“What would Brooklyn do? Dying for attention and fighting the Knicks to get every back page in the tabloids in New York – would they start Kayne at point guard and JZ at small forward?”

Even though Mark Cuban attempting to let Tony Romo suit up for the Mavericks in a meaningless home game on Tuesday seemed harmless enough, Colin Cowherd thinks the NBA was justified in their decision to quickly shoot the idea down.

Sure, the concept of the recently retired quarterback and Dallas sports icon picking up full court with an NBA player is fun to think about, but could you imagine how much Pandora’s box would be opened if the Mavericks saw immense marketing success from the PR stunt? You’d see every team down in the dumps with a disillusioned fan base try the same gimmicks with their local celebrities.

Why Isn't Deshaun Watson in the Running for 1st Overall Pick?

“Has anybody seen Deshaun Watson? What has happened to Deshaun Watson? Is it one of those Bermuda triangle things where he went on vacation and disappeared?”

In month of April where we can’t hear enough of stud prospects like Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett, North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky, and Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer, Colin Cowherd wonders why college football’s best player is practically being ignored for any no. 1 overall consideration, even with the NFL’s most quarterback stricken franchise holding that card.

Cowherd said that the two-time ACC Champion is a better player coming out of college than former ACC standout turned NFL stars Russell Wilson and Jameis Winston were.

“He’s better athletically than Russell Wilson and he’s more mature than Jameis Winston,” Cowherd said. “Deshaun Watson was recruited by the basketball coach, recruited by the baseball coach; the golf coach thought he would be a scratch golfer, he won the Georgia high jump in 8th grade, he was a five star athlete and Russell Wilson was not.”

After Wilson went from third-round pick to Super Bowl Champion, Cowherd figured teams would see Watson as another budding star being overlooked.  

“Deshaun Watson is 6’2, 200 at the combine, Russell Wilson was 5’11, 204, what am I missing here?” “There are people talking about Deshone Kizer, -- so let me get this straight, Deshaun Watson won’t even be the first Deshaun drafted at quarterback??”

Like SEC in Football, NBA Western Conference is Overrated

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