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Eli Manning Memorabilia Scam is a Non-Story

“Players are busy, they have lives, they’re on the road, they’re winning games, they’re training all day and they don’t have time always to sign 48 cards, helmets, and jerseys.”

After Eli Manning was reportedly thrown into the middle of a memorabilia scandal that accused of him of knowingly sending off fake game worn jerseys and helmets to companies promising authentic souvenirs to their buyers, Colin Cowherd wonders why it's front page news.

Cowherd brought up a recent statistic that said 90% of sports memorabilia is fake anyway, and that Eli was unwillingly forced into one of the scummiest businesses in America, surrounded by people who Cowherd called ‘Creeps.’

“They look like third-world meth arms dealers. It’s frightening and we run from them,” Cowherd joked.  “At least Eli Manning can fall on this: ‘I was busy, I haven’t been a disappointment to my mother and father, I’ve accomplished something in my life, unlike stringy haired, socks/sandals, duffel bag, meth dealer, sports memorabilia con-man."

"I’m sorry but this doesn’t rise to Watergate. In a sleazy business this happens daily.”