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New England's White House Visit Was Obnoxiously Overblown

“ESPN set this agenda like it was a state visit as if the New England Patriots to the Trump White House was the equivalent of China coming over.”

Despite it being a pivotal night in the NBA and NHL Playoffs, the biggest sports story of Wednesday was the Super Bowl Champion Patriots becoming the first team to visit the White House during Donald Trump’s short tenure as President.

Clay Travis wonders why the occasion, which normally is a tiny blip in the news, turned into such a can’t-miss television event and a story the sports media seemed to compulsively obsess over.

“I cannot remember ever a more politicized thing to cover than a team visiting the White House,” Travis said. “It was so over covered; ‘Oh, this guy’s not going to go’, ‘oh, what a statement this guy is sending’, it was so politicized that by the time this thing actually happened I halfway expected for the Patriots to have a damn sit-in at the White House. And you know what happened? The Patriots visited the White House and it was the exact same as the hundreds of other teams that have visited the White House.”