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Sports are Suffering from "Peak Media Consumption"

Clay Travis believes we have reached "Peak Media Consumption" in our daily lives.

What does that mean exactly? Think of it this way:

When you wake up to the sound of your alarm clock and proceed straight to work, you might listen to a podcast or an audio book on the way into work. Then you work your full day, sneaking in twitter or online streaming sports possibly. You come home and at your disposal, you have 5-10 shows you "should watch" or "haven't caught up with yet" saved in your DVR. You also have Netflix and HBO which gives you practically every movie ever made ready for streaming without moving from your couch. Then you sleep, then your alarm goes off again.

With so many possibilities out there, sports will begin to see its impact on the world weaken as the time passes. People no longer watch sporting events because it's the best thing on television. 

Clay Travis explains all this and more in the audio below. Listen here.

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