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Stop Saying Russell Westbrook Has No Talent Around Him

A lot can be said about a 51-point triple-double when your team ends up losing a big lead. How many shots did you take? Well, 43 to be exact. How many shots did you make? 17… How did you play down the stretch? Went 4/18 in the fourth quarter… For such an esteemed stat line (51-13-10), Colin Cowherd wonders how such a poor outcome can be celebrated.

Cowherd is sick of the tiresome, “He doesn’t have anyone to pass to” excuse. The entire off-season all we heard was how big of an acquisition Victor Oladipo was and how Steven Adams was one of the NBA’s most improved players. We heard how amazing of a strategist Billy Donovan was and how he could coach right up there with the best of them. 

Fast forward to Russell Westbrook missing 26 shots in a playoff game and people are even excusing Westbrook for not passing the ball since his teammates can’t make shots. Tough to see who’s on and who’s off in a game Westbrook at one time took 12 shots on 12 consecutive trips down. 

And if it's said his teammates weren't making shots, Westbrook sure as heck wasn’t either. Colin Cowherd once again called Westbrook’s fourth quarter performance the workings of ‘Kanye Westbrook’, the alter ego of Russell, who always has to show off down the stretch and cost his team the game trying to make a highlight reel.