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Drafting QBs is like Picking Stocks - Judgement System is Broken

In the NFL, every single year the season ends and the general consensus is that you need a great quarterback in order to compete for a Super Bowl. There is no way around it, and no way to sugar coat it, you absolutely need a quarterback to compete. 

Just so happens, there are only 12 guys in the world at the moment who have shown the ability to play the quarterback position well enough to win. 

Why, when every single year we understand the value of quarterbacks, do we judge teams for reaching in the draft to try and find one? With the importance of the position, shouldn't we treat NFL teams more like college teams who recruit a new quarterback every single year? It's a lot like picking stocks. Sometimes you find the right one and it pays off tenfold, but a majority of the time you're stuck with mediocre or failing choices. Shouldn't you take a chance on a lot of stocks if you really want to get rich?

Listen below as Clay Travis explains this in the audio from Outkick the Coverage this morning.

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