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Telling Fans to Wait 3 Years to Grade a Draft is a Scam

“The coaches and executives know that 99% of people will never actually go back and grade a past draft, and why would we?”

Ben Maller thinks one on the most tiresome scams in sports is executives trying to quell the hysteria behind questionable draft picks and rookie busts with the battle cry of ‘Give ‘em some time’.  

General managers conveniently stick by the, ‘come back in three years and grade the pick’, excuse knowing no one is going to even remotely care in 3 years about the comments, and won’t bothering remembering either.

Maller welcomes teams lauding the innovation behind their decisions, but says it’s cowardly for them to ask for three years before their fans can make their conclusions saying it would be like a restaurant saying for their patrons to judge them after eating there for 3 years, or an iPhone user to wait 3 years before deciding if that’s the phone for them.