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Drafting a Receiver Early is Never a Good Look

“Wide receivers are the convertible sports cars of the NFL; once it gets cold and windy you’ve got to put it in the garage.”

Colin Cowherd was shocked that three wide receivers were drafted in the top 10 picks during Thursday’s Round 1, arguing how overrated the position becomes when you take into account not only the fact how they’re a dime a dozen, but how inconsequential they are late in the season during bad weather and against elite defenses.

“I got nothing against John Ross – fast receiver from Washington going to Cincinnati – how valuable is he going to be in December and January when it’s 9 degrees, blowing sideways, and Andy Dalton has an average arm?”

Cowherd believes that despite the recent movement the last 10 years to limit the dependence on running backs, he’ d much rather draft one in the top 10 than a wide out.

“Running backs have real value,” Cowherd said. “They can control the tempo of the game, they pick up valuable third downs – in the crowded red zone where receivers get lost Marshawn Lynch can take you right over the top.”

As for the star-studded 2014 NFL Draft which yielded the greatest WR corps in NFL history?

"Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, OBJ, Brandin Cooks, Kelvin Benjamin -- only one of those guys made the playoffs last year."