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Rob Parker: "Boston is the Most Racist Sports City in America"

After Adam Jones came public with his claims of racial slurs being thrown at him, along with a bag of peanuts by a fan at Fenway Park, a lot of former and current players have come out and said that they have been treated the same in the city of Boston.  That includes players who have even played in Boston themselves.

Last night, in an attempt to show their unity against racism and against the individuals who said the remarks, Fenway gave Adam Jones a standing ovation among other gestures. 

"It was a nice gesture, but it's not enough," Said FS1's Rob Parker on the Jason Smith Show. "Boston has not yet done enough to shake the title of most racist sports city in America."

The entire interview between Parker and Smith is below, and it starts right away with the discussion about racism in the city of Boston. Listen right here.

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