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Best Of The Week: JT The Brick with Tomm Looney

Gordon Hayward is NOT a max-contract player

Gordon Hayward is a good NBA player.

He would contribute to every rotation in the league, plays above-average defense, and shoots at a high percentage. He just isn't the playmaker and "number one guy" that everyone hypes him up to be in the current NBA marketplace.

JT The Brick believes that while Hayward is good, he's nowhere near that "Max Contract" level player that can carry your team to a championship. With the way the league is presently, you can't think Hayward is truly a top-tier talent, can you?

Listen below, and then weigh in.

Sports Fans Need to Police What Is Said in the Stands

After Adam Jones was the victim of racially charged remarks from fans in Boston, JT says fans need to police other fans when at sporting events: