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Best Of The Week: Outkick the Coverage

Clay Travis Fires Back at an Unusual Twitter Mob

First, let's get the backstory.

Clay Travis fired off some curious tweets during the NFL Draft when Takk McKinley brought up a picture of his recently deceased grandmother upon his selection. Takk caught wind of those tweets, and responded with this:

Before everyone starts to think this article is an apology, let's put one thing out in the open. 

We aren't firing Clay Travis, we aren't disciplining Clay Travis, and we aren't upset with Clay Travis.

In fact, after all of this twitter nonsense and after hearing the entire story told on Outkick this morning, we are going to urge you to listen to the audio below. 

Clay Travis explains what a twitter mob seems to not understand.

Adam Jones Getting Standing Ovation is a Much Bigger Story than One Racial Slur

“They found one guy who yelled a racial slur out of 37,000 in the entire Red Sox stadium and the entire city of Boston gets a black eye.”

During a time where the NBA and NHL playoffs saturate the sports world, the biggest story of the week actually unwittingly landed in the laps of Major League Baseball, as Orioles player Adam Jones felt the wrath of a drunken Boston fan who reportedly threw peanuts in the outfielder's vicinity and yelled racial slurs at him as well.

But in a rare instance of unfortunate stories suddenly swinging in a positive direction, Jones received a standing ovation from Red Sox fans the following night as he stepped up to bat for the first time since news of his cruel treatment came to light.

Clay Travis wonders why Tuesday’s headlines denouncing the city of Boston as racist completely obliterated the refreshing and enlightening headlines the following day of the city spontaneously standing in unison behind the rival player.

“There are a lot of people on ‘MSESPN’ who make a living off of ‘oh, everybody’s racist, racism is awful’. Yeah, there are racists, they’re a tiny minority of the population,” Travis said. “Why is it that the story that is predominating is the one with the deranged loser who’s drunk in the outfield in Boston, as opposed to the 37,000 with a good clear conscience on Tuesday night in Boston?”

Travis believes it’s time major news networks stop looking for the vilest narratives to push in extremely disproportional quantities to the encouraging ones.

“I wish there were no racists in the world, but that’s awesome that 37,000 people will stand up and give the guy a standing ovation,” Travis said. “It will get a scintilla of the amount of attention that one racist guy did and it’s worth asking, 'why'? This storyline is much more interesting that the Red Sox entire stadium is willing to give a standing ovation to Adam Jones. How many times has that happened in the history of the Red Sox? That to me is an infinitely bigger story than one random drunk guy yelling a racial slur.”

The NCAA Stance on Improper Benefits is Total Crap

Clay Travis takes aim at NCAA Improper Benefits Investigators in the audio below from Outkick the Coverage this morning, and it is well worth your time.

How do you sleep at night if you are an NCAA investigator? Listen below and hear just how horrible this occupation truly is.