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Matt Harvey Publicly Apologizes and is "Extremely Embarassed"

B/R - Members of the New York Mets security team visited the home of starting pitcher Matt Harvey after he texted to inform the club he wouldn't be able to make Saturday night's game against the Miami Marlins at Citi Field.

On Monday, Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported there are conflicting views of the visit. Harvey reportedly believed the Mets were checking up on him after the absence, while sources close to the Mets told Heyman the team was merely making sure he was fine after not responding to messages.

The 28-year-old starter answered the door in his pajamas and felt he was being "quizzed" by the security staffers about why he couldn't show up at Citi Field, according to the report. Heyman also noted the pitcher played golf earlier in the day before suffering a headache described as the "worst of his life."

So Matt Harvey is someone you probably know, right?

Everyone has a friend who drinks too much, lies about it, does whatever they want and just says they will deal with it later. Unless he has some serious drinking problem or really needs help, he is just simply making irresponsible decisions and not paying for them.

Until now.

Will this be enough? Probably not... but what can you do?