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Jim McElwain should Have Fun with Allegations

So yea, this whole shark thing is pretty awesome. 

Jim McElwain was forced to answer to the media about the picture above, which shows a naked man laying on a shark on a fishing boat, because it LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE HIM.

Honestly though...

That's totally him right?

He denied it, but isn't denying it the exact thing someone would do it they actually were naked on top of a shark? Hell, you would be denying it too! Unfortunately for Jim, he lacks the sense of humor to embrace this story the way he should. Clay Travis explains in the audio below how laughing it off, embracing it, and turning it into a big joke would have been the best way to go about it. By getting angry and denying it, you basically look guilty and fail to squash the story.

Clay has a lot of fun with this one, listen below.

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