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James Harden Lacks Self-Awareness

By now you might have head the Rockets got BLOWN OUT at home against the Spurs in a must-win Game 6 last night, and their star James Harden laid an egg worth of being nested in his own mammoth beard. 

You may have also heard that Harden was photographed and put on snapchat multiple times by friends at the strip club, making it rain in Houston to celebrate his vacation like it's Friday afternoon. 

"It's not that he's a bad guy, but if you play a game like that last night, you just go home"

Colin Cowherd believes that the lack of self-awareness shown by Harden last night is an example of his inability to understand just what it means to be the biggest star in a major city. He might not be the worst person ever for doing this, but he sure did make it seem like he didn't care about his fanbase, and the city that supports him.

Listen below, as Cowherd describes exactly what it is that Harden doesn't possess.

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