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Another Clear Path - Warriors and Opposing Injuries

"You can't run underneath someone."

Every basketball player knows that the concern is not about what you hit on the way up, it's what happens on the way down. As a jump shooter, the place you land needs to be completely clear in order to avoid turning an ankle like Kawhi Leonard did yesterday, which is what makes Zaza Pachulia appear to be such a dirty player.

With the history in place for Zaza, and the Gregg Popovich comments from earlier today, one can't help but question the way the Warriors are going about handling this situation. 

"Isn't it fascinating how every team they played in the first title run had injuries, and now every team they play has injuries again?"

Doug Gottlieb breaks down how the Warriors might need to rethink the "LeBron has it easy" comments they love to make, and realize that beating teams with injuries has been their calling card for two out of the past three seasons. Listen below.

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