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No One Wants to Hear Your Excuses, San Antonio

“I don’t want to hear about the Kawhi Leonard injury, everybody else deals with them and nobody gets a pass. LeBron didn’t get a pass when Kyrie and Love were out. Brady, had he lost the Super Bowl, wouldn’t get a pass because Gronk was out. Raiders didn’t get a pass when Derek Carr was hurt. You don’t give Andrew Luck a pass when he’s got no defense. Suddenly we’re giving the Spurs a pass because they don’t have Kawhi Leonard?”

Colin Cowherd is tired of the Spurs getting bailed out over their monumental task of beating the two-time defending conference champions because their best player is injured.

Leonard’s absence obviously throws a massive wrench in the spokes of the Spurs attack but says it’s simply a part of the game that we seem to have selective memory over when we conveniently use it at certain times but not others.