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The Celtics Should Trade No. 1 Overall Pick

“You want to beat LeBron in the next 5 years? Go get a grown up, not a 19-year who played in a soft college conference who produced 9 wins.”

Colin Cowherd believes the Boston Celtics need to stop getting cute with their Draft picks and bring in some actual redeemable assets if they ever plan to step over LeBron James en route to an NBA Finals.

Even though Danny Ainge has largely been praised for his methodical patience as Celtics GM, Cowherd offered up a list of his extended history of failed draft picks while in Boston and said it’s time to dump their no. 1 overall pick, projected to be Washington’s Markelle Fultz, for real life stars like Paul George and Jimmy Butler.

With the average age of the All-NBA First Team being 27, it’s time to win with men, not teenagers, he said.