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Colin Kaepernick's Free Agency Coverage Rivals LeBron/Manning/A-Rod

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Most notable free agents in sports history:

1. LeBron James

2. Peyton Manning

3. Brett Favre

4. Kevin Durant

5. Alex Rodriguez

6. …….Colin Kaepernick?

Despite ranking 29th and 23rd in the league in QBR the last two seasons respectively, the fate of Colin Kaepernick has been arguably the biggest storyline of the off-season, even rivaling that of the NFL Draft.

For a player whose career has heavily teetered off since his Super Bowl appearance in February of 2013, Clay Travis wonders why the daily coverage of Kaepernick’s potential destinations has been comparable to the mass media firestorms behind some of the greatest athletes of our lives.

“I would love to hear somebody justify why Colin Kaepernick is one of the most covered free agents in the history of sports and why it’s justified from a sports perspective.”

Travis wants to know why a guy who can’t find a job is being treated as though he’s close to having a television special equal to ‘The Decision’. But actually, that wouldn’t surprise Travis.

“Why are so many people in the media rooting for Colin Kaepernick to get signed? It’s because they're far-left wing and as a result, they have dragged the American sports media far left-wing as well,” Travis said of the major networks trying to anoint Kaepernick as a leading political commentator. “All of 21st-century media, all we covered when it came to free agents in sports were the guys who were really good that mattered on the field or on the court. Then suddenly Colin Kaepernick gets here and all these people out in sports media are covering his free agency with bated breath.”