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Cleveland is Nearing Its Execution

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“I think they’re going to obliterate the Cleveland Cavaliers, last year was an aberration.”

As the heavily favored Cavaliers continue to try and stomp out a pesky swarm of Celtics, Clay Travis thinks the Western Conference Champions are sitting pretty as the heavyweight champ licking its chops for his next victim.

Travis believes the 67-win Warriors are steering towards a complete demolishing of Cleveland, as people are forgetting that their supposed ‘down’ season still included 67 wins playing without one of the game’s best players for a large portion of the year. Last season's Finals were arguably the greatest comeback in sports history, but Travis thinks the odds are extremely out of the Cavs' favor for a Draymond Green type suspension happening again and changing the course of an entire series.

With their ‘Big Four’ now fully intact for the time being, Travis sees an air raid like no other coming on the city of Cleveland, with the ‘Greatest Team of All Time’ discussion absolutely being a possibility if the Warriors sweep the series, or prevail in 5 games.