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"Complete Rejection of Victimology" - A Kaepernick Discussion

San Francisco 49ers v Buffalo Bills

Colin Kaepernick is in the news again today due to the fact that he will be working out for the Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback position this week, among other candidates. There is also a scheduled protest of the NFL league offices by Colin Kaepernick supporters who feel he is being "black-balled" by NFL owners over his political opinions. 

With all of this counterproductive activism in the news today, Jason Whitlock felt it a good time to sit with Clay Travis and discuss the way this Kaepernick situation is playing out, as well as touch on some of the more over-arcing themes of this entire topic. 

  • How are protestors, and those speaking out defiantly FOR Kaepernick, really hurting his chances of landing an NFL job? 
  • Why do most people believe that there is only ONE correct point of view on this complex issue?
  • What does Jason think of the Kaepernick/Muhammed Ali comparison?

All this an more is covered in the audio below, which is available for download in the Outkick the Coverage podcast on iTunes right here.

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