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LeBron James is Sympathetic in Story About Idolizing MJ

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“For my name to come up in the discussion of the greatest basketball player of all time, is like ‘wow’. I did everything that MJ did when I was a kid; I shot fadeaways before I should have, I wore a leg sleeve on my leg and folded it down so you saw the red part, I wore black and red shoes with white socks, I wore short-shorts so you could see my undershorts underneath. I didn’t go bald like Mike, but I’m getting there.”

While Jordan vs. LeBron discussions sometimes can get hostile, Clay Travis thinks a recent interview with LeBron James that had him opening up about the days of his childhood idolizing Michael Jordan painted him out to be a sympathetic figure in the eyes of Jordan loyalists who often go out of their way to pull against James.

With the polarizing subject clashing eras and crashing generations, Travis thinks the heartfelt revelation LeBron made can quell some of the bad blood between both fan bases for a short time.