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Reggie Bush: Heisman Trophy Did Not Define Me

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Check out the Reggie Bush Charity Weekend

Reggie Bush is a player who understands every single facet of the public stardom that comes along with being a premier football player. From his days in the national spotlight at USC to his rise as a top NFL back, Bush has always faced scrutiny, dissection, and criticism.

That is, until people began to see what he was really about.

"I don't have regrets, I think everything happens for a reason. I truly, truly believe that. Everything happens for a reason. We go through life, we go through experiences and those experiences shape us right? And they shape us to hopefully be better not worse. But there's a learning in everything and I think everything that happened at the college level for me was a learning experience and I appreciate it because it helped shape me and it helped me to go through things later in life that allowed me to be tougher mentally, physically, emotionally, those different things."  

Check out his Charity Weekend here, and take a listen to the Reggie Bush of the present day today in this interview with Doug Gottlieb. Listen below.

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