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2017 NBA Finals Predictions from Fox Sports Radio

Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade And Rally

We present to you, the official 2017 NBA Finals picks from all of our hosts here at Fox Sports Radio. From Colin Cowherd and Rich Eisen claiming a repeat of last year's dramatic Game 7 Cavaliers win, all the way to Jason McIntyre predicting a Warriors sweep during his weekend show, we have the best in the business who bring you constant 24/7 sports coverage all weighing in on this dramatic NBA Finals.

The Trilogy is upon us. Who do you have? 

Leave a comment with your own pick, and take a look at what some of the hosts had to say BELOW the graphic. Either way, enjoy the series and tune in for coverage all Finals long.

Fox Sports Radio NBA Finals Prediction

“LeBron and company will struggle adjusting to grown up cuisine after feasting on baby food in the East.” - Ben Maller - Warriors in 6 


“Kevin Durant finally gets his first ring” - Jt The Brick - Warriors in 6


“Cavs D isn’t good enough and they won’t be able to hit enough 3’s to keep up. Warriors are laser focused on this team." - Jason SmithWarriors in 4


"LeBron , Kyrie, Mike Brown, and Game 7 last year. That’s all I need to know.” - Steve GormanCavaliers in 7


“Won't be LeBron's fault, but he'll whine about the Warriors being a super team. GS will expose Cleveland's defensive shortcomings. Curry willingly takes a backseat to Durant in Game 5 and he wins the MVP.” - Anthony GarganoWarriors in 5


"Draymond Green will be MVP. Green feels bad about his behavior in last year’s Finals. I see him doing a lot more in this series this year to bring Golden State another title." - Lincoln Kennedy - Warriors in 7


They're the more talented team. They're also hungrier following last year's 3-1 collapse. I expect a replay of the 2014 Finals -- Spurs crushed Heat in 5 after losing to them in 7-game heartbreaker the previous season.” - Brian Noe - Warriors in 5


“Cavs win in 7 because they actually have more 3 point threats than the Warriors." - Dan Beyer - Cavaliers in 7 

“LeBron on again will be too much to handle and the Cavs can shoot the 3 to match Golden State!” - Arnie Spanier - Cavaliers in 6


“Because Richard Jefferson got mad at me in an interview.” - Jonas Knox - Warriors in 6

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