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Ben Gordon Arrested for Pulling Fire Alarms in 'Freakout'

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls, Game 4

TMZ SPORTS - Ex-NBA player Ben Gordon was arrested in L.A. on Thursday morning after allegedly freaking out at his apartment complex and pulling multiple fire alarms ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We're told 34-year-old Gordon -- who played for the Bulls, Pistons and Bobcats -- was apparently locked out of his apartment and went into meltdown mode ... pulling fire alarms inside the building.

In the spirit of the guy who seemingly always popped up on the roster your team was playing against in the NBA Playoffs, Ben Gordon is back in the news today. The same way you'd tune in for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference First Round and go "Wait, they have Ben Gordon now?", Gordon decided to throw a little bit of a confused tantrum of his own at his apartment complex.

Pulling fire alarms because you are locked out sounds irrational, but consider if you are Ben freaking Gordon and you can't get the attention of anyone and are stuck outside in your underwear (I made up this detail) in Los Angeles?

I'd snap too, but I'm not Ben Gordon.