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LeBron Could Leave Cleveland Again

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“Rich guys at some point get tired of writing checks. Dan Gilbert’s already got his title, he’s not trying to be the GOAT, he just wanted to win a title for Cleveland.”

Not saying LeBron could leave Cleveland, but LeBron could leave Cleveland.

After getting bombarded in Game 1 by the Warriors, Colin Cowherd isn't going to panic yet but presents the real possibility of LeBron James leaving the Cavaliers once again simply because Cavs owner Dan Gilbert isn't in the business of chasing titles like LeBron is. 

Riddled with the luxury tax and a hostage to LeBron's personnel decisions on keeping 'his boys' in Cavaliers uniforms, Cowherd thinks there's going to be a time when Gilbert tells LeBron 'No mas', as we see LeBron leave to chase more rings like a swarm of locusts.