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LeBron James Vandalism is still Oddly Without Proof

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LeBron James' house was vandalized. The media rushed to the story. The 'talkers' rushed to the conclusion. The story became about overcoming racism.

LeBron James gave a 3-minute monologue comparing himself to some individuals who were notoriously affected by racism. The media rushed to the story. The 'talkers' labeled him a hero.

In this day and age, asking questions about every situation the exact same way is the only true way to shake emotion off and get to the core of a story. We have to question if every funny video on Twitter is a hoax (thanks Kimmel) and have learned not to trust some 'media feuds' designed to get clicks and impressions.

So why can't we ask some question about LeBron James' vandalism incident? 

Clay Travis discusses in the audio below:

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