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Seattle's Passing on Colin Kaepernick was Peculiar

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“What did Colin Kaepernick say or do in that meeting that made Pete Carroll run in the opposite direction from him?”

After seemingly boasting about the possibility of the polarizing quarterback taking his talents to progressive Seattle, Clay Travis thought it was awfully peculiar that Pete Carroll’s trending public interest in Colin Kaepernick suddenly went black.

As the Seahawks finalized a deal with former Rams quarterback Austin Davis last week to kill off any chance Kaepernick had at a roster spot, Travis wonders what was possibly said in their sit-down -- one that did not include a physical workout -- that instantly turned the Seahawks off to a potential match with Kaepernick.  

Travis refuted Carroll's claims that Kaepernick simply 'wanted to be a starter', stating that that didn't make much sense, and suggested that sponsors may have been pressuring Seahawks owner Paul Allen to pull the plug on the project, citing poor feedback.